What are Pembeauty products ?

Pembeauty  propose to you a beautiful box of original false eyelashes designed by Pembeauty just for you !

There are 5 types of lashes to choose from modeled by order of size : the Baby lash, the Mom lash, the Cherry lash, the MonaLisa lash and the Butterlfy lash. Also in the very near future Pembeauty will be able to offer you many other types of lashes created and designed by Pembe ;)

How to apply Pembeauty false eyelashes?

When you receive your false eyelashes first open the box by lifting the lid. To open and close securely and easily, the box is fitted with a magnetic system. Take out the eyelashes from the box’s pose support they are attached to, by gently pulling the gold leaver. Then take off the plastic protection.

Gently detach the lash from its base with out pulling on the hairs but by the base band. Adjust the lashes to the contours of the your upper eye lid just above your own lashes . If you need to make them smaller cut them preferably from the outer side of the lash. Not whilst near to the eye !

Apply the eye lash glue (not supplied) along the base of the lash and let it dry for a few seconds (depending on the glue you are using, some glues dry faster than others and always test the glue you choose before for allergic reactions !). Close your eye and then apply the lash to the upper base of your upper eye lash (never the interior). Then gently adjust by pinching the false eye lash and your own lashes together. For better adherence you may apply mascara before or after posing the false lashes.

When removing them make sure to clean off any remaining glue before reposing them in the box. Store the box in a dry temperate place.

Your false eyelashes can be used up to 30 times depending on how kind you are to them.

What are the lashes made from?

Our eyelashes are made from natural silk and real mink hair. Don’t worry no animal is harmed in this process !
The minks hair is collected by gently brushing the animal. Then the hair is treated sterilized then placed on the bands of adhesive. This product is of a very high hygienic standard and is hypoallergenic. Yet, if in any doubt please test before using.